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A Financial Safety Net For Your Long-Term Disability!

Most of the life challenging accidents take years to recover and it could be a financial hardship for the sole breadwinner of the family. That is why a policy is required to work as income if something happens and one can’t work.

What Is Disability Insurance?

A disability caused by injuries, a serious illness, or any other health issue can be either short or exist for the long term. If an individual is unable to work or earn due to accidental injuries, then disability insurance can work as a monthly income. It is the best way to protect you and your family financially and pay for day to day expenses. Several types of disability insurance are there with different coverage and benefits.


Long-Term Disability: Pays you disability benefits for two or until retirement, in case if you become disabled to work.
Short-Term Disability: Offers coverage for a short period like up to 6 months when you are in an injured condition.
Mortgage Disability: Especially cover your mortgage payments if you are unable to earn due to the disability.

Why You Need Professional Advice?

Disability insurance policies are an alternative that helps you at a time when you can’t work and are the only earning member. But not all insurances are similar, and it is overwhelming to decide what is best for you. This is where getting professional advice is a wise move. We are always ready to offer you accurate advice and help pick a policy that perfectly suits your needs.

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